old hdd in external enclosure - vista sees it, asking for format

By lekostas ·
old hdd in external enclosure - vista sees it, asking for format

old HD in USB external enclosure - vista asking for format - NEED HELP!!!

Hi everybody,

After my computer died (HP Pavillion DV 6356), because of a vista problem, I bought an external case (enclosure). It is a sata, USB 2, vista compatible (as it says in the box) enclosure.

After I am connecting both cables in the laptop (it is a Y USB cable), the drive spins up, the LED in the case lights red, the computer recognizes it (I can see the F: and G: icons on "My computer" - F: is the prior C: and G: is the prior "recovery particion". I can even see the size of the two partitions) but when I double click on any of the two drives, Vista asking me to format it.

I tried the same thing in a computer running XP Pro but the problem is exactly the same.

I am sure that the data aren't lost, and the hard disk is OK.

I need the old data off the drive.

Any suggestions, or solutions for me?
I'm running vista.


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The fact that it no longer works on the XP box

by robo_dev In reply to old hdd in external enclo ...

most likely means that our friend Vista has corrupted that hard drive.

If it were my drive I would make a ghost-image copy of that disk, then try a utility such as:


recover it all

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ghost-image copy

by lekostas In reply to The fact that it no longe ...

Hello robo_dev

I am allready scaning my drive with the R-Studio and it is finding many faillures.

How can I make a ghost-image copy of my hard drive? If I make one, will it be usefull? Will I can read my data?

Thank you very much for your help!


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by robo_dev In reply to ghost-image copy

the reason to make a ghost copy is to reduce the risk of making matters worse, especially if it is someone elses data.

Sometimes data recovery efforts do not go well, and an image backup, using a utility such as Ghost, CloneZilla, or Acronis TrueImage can allow you to go back to your starting point.

if you have success with a utility, then making a ghost copy is not necessary.

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Thank you very much Question

by lekostas In reply to Nevermind....


Thank you very much for the utility you suggested to me (R-Studio). It recovered about 85% of my old files.

Can you please tell me if is safe to use that old hdd for a buckup storage after formating it, or there will be problems?

How this thing hapenned anyway? There where thousands of bad sectors in my disc, and the problem just came up one day!!! What do I have to do to avoid a similar situation in the future? Is this a vista problem or what?

Thank you again for your help.

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If you have

by The Scummy One In reply to Thank you very much Que ...

thousands of bad sectors, then the disk is failing. You may be able to low level format it to keep it going longer, however I still wouldnt recommend it for a backup drive. Maybe a non-essential extra storage, but that is about it.

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Test the HDD with it's Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you very much Que ...


If it passes the test it is safe to use and the errors reported are a result of using it on a Incompatible Operating System Namely Vista if the Drive was formatted with XP prior to SP2.

If it fails the test scrap the drive.


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Thank you all

by lekostas In reply to Test the HDD with it's Ma ...

Thank you all, for your time, and for your informations, that were very usefull.

I am going to test my HDD now to see what am I going to do with it.

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