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Old HP Pavilion a335w, mobo swap

By cococorpse ·
I ve taken one of my familys old pc's, And decided too upgrade it for them. I swapped the Mobo with a ASUS M2V-MX-SE, and a AMD athlon x2 4000+, I know they both work i had them both in a pc playing games last night. SO my problem, when i turn it on I see everything I should Post bio message, then would I like too repair or pick Windows XP too boot, And when I try too boot, the screen goes black and it restarts, and keeps doing this. Theres No video card, its only running 2 fans so could it be the fact that the power supply is 250watt? or is this enough? The PC had a pent 4. Thats pretty much all the info I can think too give, ask please for more, or give me an idea too what I do now.

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Uh, you can't do that.

by seanferd In reply to Old HP Pavilion a335w, mo ...

You would have to re-install the OS against the new mobo. But don't count on the disk or recovery partition supplied by HP to work. (It might, but probably not.)

There's a reason operating systems are installed, and not simply copied: different hardware.

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by cococorpse In reply to Old HP Pavilion a335w, mo ...

Ah I could swear I could, since I just changed the motherbored and CPU in my pc, and in my back up pc. my bad seems being a artist, that pc's wasnt something i learned alot about :)

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You swapped out major hardware and didn't re-install the OS?

by seanferd In reply to :P

And in these cases everything booted and worked normally? Astonishing. Don't know how you managed that - you must truly be an Artist!

Go ahead and try to reinstall the OS on this computer. Again, I can't guarantee this will work at all, as OEM versions of Windows are both unprepared for this, and also actively prevent the attempt to install on different hardware. In HP's case, http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&q=code+purple

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Other pc's

by cococorpse In reply to Old HP Pavilion a335w, mo ...

Well the others I did this on where running Store bought windows 7 64-bit So that might explain it. I swapped my old dual core, and mobo for a gigabytebored, and Phenom T1100 6 core. I dont regret it one bit, 8gb Dominator Ram, it runs prefect. I am rdy for skyrim

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Even still this shouldn't have worked

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Other pc's

Without reinstalling the OS.

The HAL.DLL Hardware Abstraction Layer is completely different and without this agreeing with the Hardware the System isn't going to boot. If it wasn't a Windows OS it's possible that it may work but you just got lucky in that one instance, you shouldn't expect it to happen ever again.

M$ Legal specifically says that a Major Hardware Upgrade requires a New License for the OS and Installed Software. They describe a Major Upgrade as a New M'Board and CPU that is substantially faster than what it re paced. But if you are fitting Bottom End components to repair a system so you fit the slowest available that are the slowest available to effect the repair this is OK but if you Upgrade the Hardware you need new Software.


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