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Old man wanting to learn the new stuff in graphic,VB,Webing,programming

By directcurrent ·
I have been a computer tech from the days of key punch to the Mini's, Started a shop repairing computers like the 386 & 486 until I was brought down because of bad X and sickness that left me total disabled. All my life I wanted to get in to learn more About programming, graphics, webing. I have books on VB,HTML and have a few programs to learn with.
While I do work at home on some older computer now, adding card, fixing a few bugs. I need some good advice as to where to start(like understanding HD crashing,recovering file and corupt files,resterys,what can I do with the programs that drives these monsters) to get lic as a computer tech, and so on into a IT person. Any acredited schools that I might get SS to pay for. I welcome any and plead for good sound advice.
God Bless DC.

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getting back in the swim

by jerry~Beans&Bytes In reply to Old man wanting to learn ...

re:VB, there is a pretty good thread starting at http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6230-0.html?forumID=51&threadID=167173&tag=rbxccnbd1
**my personal advice as another "old guy" is that it's getting harder to 'do it all' anymore. pick a focus, get back up to speed there, and then branch back out as you need to.

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Computer Education

by PeterPac In reply to getting back in the swim

Take a look at this site and go from there, a lot of the education is free:


Also, remember this have fun while learning. Everything I learned was from computers on line. The total link is there it is just hidden. Incase its not after Tutorial_Resources.php

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