old network drive wont go away

By Norehca ·
I once had a shared drive on another computer i was using as a home network server to store files on as a small project. Its gone, and what remains is a netowkr drive showing in My Computer that doesnt exist. And anytime i attach a thumb drive or the sort (labeled E:/) it wont show, because apparently the network drive is also labeleed (E:/). I can get to it by browsing the network drive, double clicking on it, and it takes me to my thumb drive. but this is very anoying. anytime i right click and click disconnect, it simply sais it doesnt exist....ok SO GET RID OF IT! but it wont, so please help me. it would be very much appreciated.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to old network drive wont go ...

Right click on my computer and select manage.Select disk management.Right click on your network drive in the right hand pane and select 'change drive letter'and choose another drive letter from the list eg:z.This will break any association with your previous connection.The try to disconnect.

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done so

by Norehca In reply to manage

i have done this befor ei posted, and i did once again. it does not appear! what now? any solutions? thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated!

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