Old Printer Security

By mm212 ·
Most IT pros with any knowledge of security understand that they should wipe or degauss the hard drive of old computers before selling, donating or disposing. What do people do with old printers that store documents? Will a factory reset wipe the storage on these, even if they have a hard drive? How do others take care of this security issue?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Old Printer Security

I use a hammer and a drill to get rid of drives that I can not wipe with a computer.

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Remove hard drive..or if it's a Xerox

by robo_dev In reply to Old Printer Security

Xerox has a firmware update that does secure deletion of image data on their hard-drive equipped MFPs.

If it's got a hard drive >>when in doubt, take it out.

Most printers I've seen that don't have hard drives don't store any documents, since flash memory is so expensive compared to a HDD.

The only exception to that are some fax machines that do. Although even then, the most data older machines stored might be the inbound/outbound log and the phone number list.

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