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Old School messing-around...

By ghstinshll ·
Ok, it's been years since I've done this to/for someone, so it's been years since I forgot what the names of these files are...

How do you replace the Windows Splash screens that appear when booting up? For Example, the Windows 98 cloud screen as it boots? I have a user who is asking me for a friend, for their home computer... Isn't it like Windows.sys, or Startup.sys or something like that?

My memory is too full, I must have lost that info in a mem dump in my head... (-:{


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by TheChas In reply to Old School messing-around ...

Rather than typing it all out, here is a link to an Annoyances.org article.

This does not work for XP or W2K.



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by HereInOz In reply to Old School messing-around ...

I seem to remember it is Logo.sys, Jason. Can't remember where it lives exactly, either in the root directory or in Windows or Windows\System.


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The file names

by MC_User In reply to Old School messing-around ...

These files are 320x400 Windows Bitmap files (*.bmp), located in the Windows directory. They are named:
Logo.sys- The startup screen "Microsoft Windows 98"
Logow.sys- The screen that says "Please wait while your computer shuts down."
Logos.sys- The screen that says "It is now safe to turn your computer off."

The files have been renamed to extension .sys

I remember that there use to be a lot of web sites that had a lot of replacement files you could use. They are probably still out there.

The files may be hidden. You may have to change your folder options to make them visable.

Make copies of the origional files (I usually name them .old) before changing anything.

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