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Old Server is being a pain

By ccthompson ·
Hello all,

Recently upgraded our domain to windows 2003 server. New domain controllers, ect...

I have an older Windows 2000 server machine that is still in place doing some minor things, I have not removed AD from it yet.

Setup: About 15 PCs connect to a switch. the switch into a Linksys Router, then into the DSL.

Problem I am having is, when I reboot this old machine, no one on the network can access the internet. I dont know wheather it has some sharing thing somewhere deep down, or if it still thinks its the top Domain controller or what. I have searched high and low on this machine and cant seem to find anything.

Please Help! Thanks in advance.

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by CG IT In reply to Old Server is being a pai ...

thats interesting.

What is the gateway specified for the clients?
if they log on to the local machine, do they have internet access?

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by ccthompson In reply to

Gateway is mapped to the router. Although, i noticed when i shut down the server. The two new servers(Win 2k3) can still access the internet, just not us. I logged in with a user to check what you said, and yea, they have internet access.

Its seems to be all the client PCs when that server is down. All the other servers are fine.

Thanks again!

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by CG IT In reply to Old Server is being a pai ...

well, I would shut down the old W2K DC , have your W2003 DCs up and then log on locally to a client and see if you have internet access. you should.

Did anyone run the ICS wizard? Sounds like ICS was run at some point. Below is an article on enabling ICS which you can use to check whether ICS was run or not. The Linksys does the NAT and is the gateway so ICS shouldn't have been run. If you see from the article it has, then try disabling it because clients will be redirected to go through the computer ICS was run on to gain internet access. IF that computer is unavailable, they won't be able to access the internet.;en-us;297942

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by CG IT In reply to

Monice is right. that would have been my next suggestion in troubleshooting.

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by ccthompson In reply to

This sounds alot like whats happening, except when I go to my properties of the connection, there is no sharing tab???!!!??? I dont really know why there isnt. I thought i remembered it there, but that may have been a different server.

Thanks for the post! I am going to close the question, please message me if you think of anything else. Thanks Again.

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by Monice In reply to Old Server is being a pai ...

Are your client machines still pointing to the old server for DNS? If so that would be the reason they can't browse the Internet when the old server is down. Move your DNS to the new 2003 server and point your clients to it for DNS.

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by ccthompson In reply to

Kinda, I noticed in my DHCP server that it was giving out the old server for the name server portion under the scope options, put in the new server. But even after that, I renewed my clients address under DHCP and tried again and the problem is still occuring.

Thanks, i thought that was it, so I will accept your answer. Like it says above, the Internet Connection Sharing may be the problem. Im rather new to the company, so I dont know if the old IT guy would have run that or not. But thanks again.

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by ccthompson In reply to Old Server is being a pai ...

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