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Old Time PC motherboard

By ameliapumo ·
I have an old Time Pc (approx 1999) with a MSI 5191 motherboard. I have had problems from the start, but tech support (costing ?399!!) was useless. It has been very tempremental, and often will not boot up. After finding that removing the case and pushing the motherboard down, hovering it out, and generally fiddling with wires, it will eventually reboot. However, now this does not work. The power supply is fine. I think it is a loose connection somewhere. I need a wiring diagram for the motherboard. Does anyone know where I can find one?

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by jschein In reply to Old Time PC motherboard

Sorry to say,... A WIRING DIAGRAM? Power supply plugs in one spot... ide cables the other spot...

If the board itself has a crack, burn, or broken piece, it is cheaper to replace the motherboard. Websites such as can sell you a very inexpensive board replacement for only 20 USD.

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by ameliapumo In reply to
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by BlackDiamond In reply to Old Time PC motherboard


You can look here. Not sure they have wiring diagrams.

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by ameliapumo In reply to

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Thanks but already looked there and downloaded manual, which doesn't help

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Old Time PC motherboard

What you descibe sounds definately like a motherboard crack (assuming you have all chipsets and ram and cards tightly plugged) Since motherboards are layered technology you cannot physically repair them. IMHO you have no choice but to replace the MBO with a good one ok


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by ameliapumo In reply to

I think you are right - thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Old Time PC motherboard

I do not know of any resources to get schematics for motherboards. Part of the reason is that they are just too complex and expensive to repair versus the cost of a new or used motherboard.

CAUTION: Use an ESD wrist strap and ground yourself before trying the following:

Remove RAM modules. Clean both sockets and edge connectors on RAM with 90 percent isopropal alcohol. Followed by drying off with canned AIR.

Do the same for the CPU and ALL plug in cards.

Tracking down an intermittent connection on a motherboard would be VERY difficult even with a complete schematic.
The problems are:

The motherboard itself is a multi-layer board. Many of the connections are buried inside the circuit board.

Some of the ICs on the board may be ball grid arrays.
These ICs have the connections soldered underneath the IC.
To repair a bad solder connection, you need to:
Remove the IC using special equipment,
Clean the circuit board and the IC,
Place a new array of solder balls,
Use special equipment to flow the solder.

Figure around $5000 US for the equipment.

Other ICs are fine pitch flat pack or "J" leaded devices.
Again, you need special soldering equipment to solder the leads without damaging the IC, or creating solder shorts.

If you are intent on trouble-shooting this board, your best option would be to get a POST card, and see if you can get a POST code that identifies where the boot sequence stops.
Figure on spending between $50 and $100 US for a POST card.


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by ameliapumo In reply to

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I've spent 3 days trying to solve problem, and this and other answers has led me to belive it would be a damn sight easier to get a new MB!!

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Old Time PC motherboard

If the motherboard is damaged, best to replace it. However, it can be misbehaving due to an improper installation. If the board is not installed at the right height and flat it can have intermitten performance without being damaged. Check that it is flat and the height from the case is the same at all points and that all the other cards and components are properly installed and fully seated.

After that get down and pray.

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by ameliapumo In reply to

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Thanks, I will try this but if no sucess I think I'll get a new MB as it is doing my head in!

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