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Old Windows, Install without boot or use usb (but no dvd)? how to

By projectfear22 ·
Hi there
I'm having lag with windows 7 and I wanted to go back to xp
since I heard that Windows 2000 is pretty similar to xp but a bit faster I'd like to install that one
so I got the setup files, but how can I install it on windows 7, it says that I have a higher version so I guess I'd need to do it via boot but my cd burner is having problems and I can't do it because of that.

Is there some other way?
I hear you can format your usb or smth (something) and use it to install it?
what does formatting the usb mean?
can it be done that way? if yes how? and are there other ways?

Also same question goes for windows 8 since it says that it can't identify if I'm ready to install it so I'd have to try boot but.. cd burner.. and yeah same question for xp (guess the answer would be the same for all) (just keeping more options but priority is 2000)

p.s. does anyone have a british accent here? my friend could use a voice actor for a video on yt?

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