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    Older Laptop with Windows 98 not booting up


    by jmontoya ·

    This small youth rec league has an older laptop with all our previous information on it. Not sure if old info has been backed up.

    When turning notebook on LCM readout does not show it talking to hard drive. Tried using Solo Boot disk-no results.

    Tried inserting 98 windows CD-again nothing.

    Any other option. (Please note–not computer lingo savy-talk it down).

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      by jmontoya ·

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      OK with Windows 98 you had a Boot Floppy

      by hal 9000 ·

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      You need to put in the Windows 98 Boot Floppy and boot from that. When you get the A:> Prompt type in [b]CHKDSK C:[/b] and that will run a Check Disk utility on the C Drive.

      If that doesn’t work type in [b]FDISK[/b] and look at the Partition Information on the HDD and see what’s it’s showing [b]but don’t alter anything![/b] If you are getting noting on the HDD installed reboot the system and press the Key that will take you into BIOS should be the [b]Delete Key[/b] on most systems but it could be different depending on the maker of the system that you have here. When you are in the BIOS look for the HDD and see what if anything is showing there. If you are showing No HDD then the most likely thing is that the HDD has failed and if the data hasn’t been backed up it’s going to be expensive to get it back.

      Lets know how you go from there.


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