Olivetti ECHOS 1200

By jeff ·
I have an old Olivetti ECHOS 1200 running Windows-98. This laptop runs certain old programs that will not run on XP, so I need to use this and save files to a modern drive. The laptop only has a CDRom and an unreliable floppy drive. The ports available are Com-1 serial and a parallel printer port. There is a PCMCIA slot on the side also. Can I get an adapter to use the PCMCIA slot or serial port to save files to an external drive or storage unit that will enable me to transfer these files to a modern PC running XP? What would be the best option, maybe PCMCIA -to- USB ?

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by shasca In reply to Olivetti ECHOS 1200

We have successfully used serial to USB adapters here. Here is a link to one supplier. There are plenty others out there.


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As you have a PCMCIA Port available

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Olivetti ECHOS 1200

Just get a PCMCIA to USB Card to plug in and save your files to some form of external Media via the USB Ports.

If you have a External HDD that derives all it's power from the USB Port you'll need a Powered USB Hub maybe as these old systems do not have a lot of available power to the 5 V DC PCMCIA Cards. Any External 2.5 inch drive over 80 GIG's requires that you connect both USB Plugs to obtain sufficient power to run the external HDD.

If you however us a 3.5 Inch drive externally as these come with their own Power Adapters there shouldn't be any problems but you'll need to install the USB Drivers for the PCMCIA Card and the External HDD. If you don't already have an External HDD buy a USB Enclosure and a HDD to suit that Enclosure as this will come with 98 Drivers. AS 98 didn't have support for USB you need the Drivers installed to use this and it will only run at USB 1.1 Speeds.


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