Omen 30L PSU Fan Clicking

By lancetb ·
I bought an Omen 30L a few weeks ago and the fan in the Cooler Master Bronze 500 PSU makes an annoying clicking noise when it turns on/off (sometimes it turns on/off constantly). Is there a way to make the fan run continuously to stop the clicking? If not, can the fan in the PSU be replaced, or would it just be better to get a different PSU? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Small world.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Omen 30L PSU Fan Clicking

My son has that model and yes the fan is set/designed to be on demand. It's hardly noticeable here but yes, if there was a very quiet room it could make some noise and my view is it's not defective.

You would replace the power supply to change the behavior.

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Some PCs have options for this area.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Small world.

But my two son's Omens seem to do this and it's not noticeable unless I have the desktop up close. Once we moved them to the floor the sound is lost among all the other noises.

Again, I didn't see any option in the BIOS but have seen PSUs that allow some fan configuration and control.

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Contact HP

by BOB.B In reply to Omen 30L PSU Fan Clicking

Make it a warranty issue.
See what they have to say.

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