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OMG - BALTHOR message deleted!

By CharlieSpencer ·
Tags: Off Topic

Who hit the Spam button on the village idiot? It worked!!! Whoever you are, you are my new idol. I fall prone and kowtow before you!

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by nepenthe0 In reply to OMG - BALTHOR message del ...

I'm new to TR, too inhibited by nature to use Palmetto's exact language, but my thoughts are identical. Thank you.

Those who have read The Scarlet Pimpernel may wonder whether BALTHOR is such a character - a dunce to appearances, a bold and decisive undercover agent in reality. One can only hope that the latter scenario ultimately plays out.

Rick/Portland, OR

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He's not an idiot!

by Dr Dij In reply to OMG - BALTHOR message del ...

He's "technlogically special" in his revu's of articles! to be PC :)

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ROFLMAO :^0 :^0

by The Scummy One In reply to He's not an idiot!

He's "technlogically special"

I love it!

But then again, I do cruise through The BALTHORS posts when I get bored

Edited to add: However, I would never mark The BALTHOR as SPAM..

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I like reading his messages

by DanLM In reply to OMG - BALTHOR message del ...

I see some posters here that can fill a ocean with the amount of crap they fling with their flowery high brow rhetoric, and it more or less disgusts me. Talking crap to look like they know something. Myself, I'm just blunt and hard edged... No apologies either for it.

then you have Balthor. I think he is talking a line of crap, but I swear he does it just to mess with us... And it's fun to see the response's he gets.

****, cut the person some slack... Remember when everything they wrote was in upper case?


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I cruise BALTHOR posts...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I like reading his messag ...

regularly. He cracks me up. Great stuff on a bad day, can't help but laugh. Unfortunately, that post was a good one. Pretty multi-layered and on topic.

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You are always peeking in on everything

by Architeuthis In reply to I cruise BALTHOR posts...

gotta give it to BALTHOR and Scummy. They write entertaining stuff. Keep up the good work, all of you! It is a sad day when everyone takes themselves so seriously as to lose perspective and their sense of humor!

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When is a joke disinformation?

by nepenthe0 In reply to OMG - BALTHOR message del ...

Jocularity is fine so long as everyone understands that the post was made in jest. TR attracts new members daily, a good thing for all of us. Those unfamiliar with this type of warped humour may easily be confused or misinformed.

The Forum's reputation is only as good as the quality of responses from responsible participants.

Rick/Portland, OR

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I dunno...

by maecuff In reply to When is a joke disinforma ...

I'm not so sure I agree with your post.

Isn't it up to each person to do what they will with information given? I can't imagine blindly following ANY advice on ANY board to be a good practice.

Unless it's my advice. Then it should be followed exactly as given.

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Or My advice

by The Scummy One In reply to I dunno...

after all I am the God of Scum :^0 Or was that Scum Dog (I think the HAL said that to me)(Maybe Mae though).

Ok, Ok, only follow my advice when in the Q&A area :^0

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How dare you Scummy One

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Or My advice

I would never call you a Dog of Scum suggesting that it may have been me is offensive in the extreme. :0

I would never consider comparing you to a dog as the dogs would attack and kill me for putting them down that low.

Maybe Mae with her favorite Shovel said that but it certainly wasn't me. ;\

God of Scum YES but never in my wildest nightmares would I call you the Dog of Scum. You are one of a kind and as such are impossible to compare to anything else. :^0

Dam it I wasn't going to post here and now you've made me break another promise to myself again. :_|

Col ]:)

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