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OMG's Model Driven Architecture

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
What do you think about the Object Management Group's alternative software development methodology known as Model Driven Architecture, as featured in this week's Application Developer Management? Are you considering utilizing this paradigm for your organization? Why or why not?

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Way to go

by JFollin In reply to OMG's Model Driven Archit ...

Definitely the way forward as far as development goes. Starting with business process models to ensure organisations underlying business processes are documented and understood (and their is only one process for each business purpose), then building all other models from this starting point (i.e Use Case models, Class Models, Interaction Models, State Models). This ensures that software developed is in line with real business needs and the work of the IT department is reflected in multi-faceted ROI as the business gains in the areas of HR, ISO standards compliance, tacit knowledge documented and distributed throughout the organisation, assessing the impact of external changes on the organisation - the list goes on: anyone interested can email me for more details.

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by GR_Vaughan In reply to Way to go

I used to think this might be the way to go but
I've grown increasingly skeptical that adding
another layer of abstraction is really going to
help. The same problem crops up in project
management systems, and also sank some
of the early expert system projects: Whatever
you create has to be updated, and most
updates are worthless unless they are done
promptly, indeed nearly in real-time in the
case of project management.
By adding a code-independent model layer
you must then update this too and try to keep it
in sync with the code. Creativity can rapidly
degrade into busy-work.
I would agree that the rapid change of
technologies is a huge problem, but how do
you figure a model-driven approach would be
more advantageous in actual practice than
some sort of agile development method?

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