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On a lighter note...

By admin ·
This is by no means an important discussion! Today I witnessed a computer with smoke billowing out of the back. This is the first time I have even seen smoke come out of a computer. Since I'm the only uber geek on staff here, I had to share it with someone else that might appreciate such an event!

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I can appreciate that

by radiic In reply to On a lighter note...

Its as funny as when I put memory chip in one of my users pc's the other day, and didnt seat it properly. Whats that smell I thought as I booted up the pc. Then suddenly realized something was drastically wrong.

Ahhh the things an Admin thinks are funny. If only are coworkers really understood us.


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Memory ship caused smoke....?

by dieduva In reply to I can appreciate that

What the **** was THIS configuration.

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Yea...The sticker on it heated up

by radiic In reply to Memory ship caused smoke. ...

and actully was causing smoke, and a lovely smell too.

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Fun in Europe

by gk_arts In reply to I can appreciate that

That's a nice thing about the 230V European Electrical standard versus our 115V standard; computers make a loud POP when you forget to switch the power-supply. It get's the best of installers every now and then.

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Not Yet...

by ghstinshll In reply to On a lighter note...

I haven't experienced any smoking issues with PCs yet, but just bad bearings in fans that would have lead to the same kind of problem. The users never understand it from our angle, that's for sure!

Things we think are trivial the users think are tragedies... (-:{

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Smoker...great effect.

by dieduva In reply to Not Yet...

Recent call involved two week old power source.. new fuse, boot, flash, great smoke, as was expected: fried components involved. (Had already tested bad, I'm not THAT stupid.)

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Not just smoke, Smoke Billowing!

by admin In reply to On a lighter note...

Hehehehee that's pretty good.... haven't seen that yet. Have had an arcing powersupply smoke a little less than billowing because some dork stuffed a few paperclips in the fan opening, but billowing sounds really good :)
I did get to a machine about 3 months ago that exploded a cd-rom drive. Pieces everywhere. CD fragments, broken up drive door and pieces of the front cover as far as 7-8 feet away. 52x drive... that was pretty amusing! :)

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CD-ROM explosion?

by ExpatJohn In reply to Not just smoke, Smoke Bil ...

Sure it wasn't from someone still using the CD-ROM tray as a can holder?

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CD-ROM explosion

by meatwad In reply to CD-ROM explosion?

Actually, we has that happen in our shop too. Seems that certain CD-ROM drives over 50X cause the CD to vibrate so much, that if they have small cracks or stress lines, they just explode!

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CD-RW Explosions

by TheChas In reply to CD-ROM explosion

I have yet to see a CD-ROM drive bust a CD just from vibration.

It is documented that some poorly made CR-R and CD-RW disks have exploded in the drives.

Seems there is trapped air molocules in some blank CDs.
When written to with a high speeddrive, the heat build up so fast that the CD explodes from within.

I suspect if CDs are breaking on regular CD-ROM drives that they are not balanced properly, and are banging against parts of the tray, or the inside of the drive.


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