On board sound

By rezrider ·
I cannot get the sound to work on a pc with a windows xp home os. onboard sound Vinyl AC 97 Codec Combo Driver WDM the driver loads fine, no exlamation marks in device mngr but when I go to sound and audio devices in control panel everything is all grayed out and it says no device. This by the way is a brand new motherboard because I thought that was the issue its not. Now im thinking that it was some problem with the os all along. please any ideas would be appreciated. By the way the motherboard is a ASRock K7VM3 333mhz FSB DDR 333 AMD sempron

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Onboard Sound

by dmiles In reply to On board sound

Boot computer pressing the designated key to open Bios configuration,click on Advanced and tab down until you get to sound,insure that it is enabled,save changes and exit

Using the system cd that accompanied the MB,run the driver setup off this disk
You may have generic drivers that OS had in data base,but you need to install the software from the system disk

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by rezrider In reply to Onboard Sound

Thx D I did give that a try with no success. I hope I don't have to wipe out the whole os.

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You shouldn't need to but you may

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to sound

Need to run the Complete Sound Driver Installation.

If you just updated Drivers in Device Manager you will not have the AC97 or whatever drivers completely installed.

Once you have the OS running drop in the AsRock M'Board CD and reinstall the Sound Software/Drivers that should solve your problem.

Also with some of those advanced Sound Units they need working speakers plugged in after the drivers/Software has been installed so if you already have speakers plugged in remove them reboot the system allow it to stabilise and then try plugging in the Front Speakers and see if you get a display on the screen asking you what type of Sound [speakers] you are using or that you have just plugged in the Front Speakers.

Lets know how you get on.


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me too have the same problem

by prinze_thorsten In reply to You shouldn't need to but ...

i dont have a cd for the mainboard(already lost). where can i found the right driver?

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Go to the M'Board Makers Web Site

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to me too have the same prob ...

Lookup the support for your model M'Board and download all the available drivers and install them as you may need more than just the sound drivers to make the sound work.

You can find the Model of the M'Board in the Instruction Manual that comes with the M'Board.


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try this

by Naw-yi In reply to On board sound

its sounds like u just plugged in the hd with the os installed on it, into a new motherboard, right? or was it a clean install? anyway,
rightclick Mycomputer/properties/hardware/devicemanager/doubleclick sound,video,and game controllers/highlightandrightclick vinyl ac97 codec combo drive(wdm)and uninstall.

reboot, when asked insert cd. this will give the cleanest driver installation.

also, VIAARENA drivers state(especially the audio)to use the audio drivers that come with the motherboard.

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