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    On delay AC recepticale


    by psliger ·

    In our area, the electrical utility experiences frequent outages. The power will go out, then back on for a few seconds, then off, etc.
    I have provided back-up power for my computer equipment, but when I am out-of-town, sometimes the power will stay off until the back-up units are depeleted. The only unit that gives me trouble is my router. I have found that I can minimize the problem if I can delay the power from coming on for a minute or so Is there an on delay device on the market (not too expensive) that will delay the re-establishment of the 110 VAC for a minute or so when power is re-established?

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      by psliger ·

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      Industrial timers

      by thechas ·

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      I don’t know of an off-the-shelf consumer level timer that will do what you need.

      There are many ways to do this with a little bit of electronics.

      There are various timers that will do the job such as 1 shot time delay relays. But, you need to wire them up.

      Check with an industrial automation supplier in your area for timers.

      You will need to build up a box with the timer inside, and proper electrical wiring.

      One timer option is the Omron H3JA series.

      If you are not trained in proper AC wiring, contact your local community college or high school skill center. The automation instructor might be willing to make this a student project if you supply materials.


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