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    On Home LAN, Cannot Connect 1st Time


    by daughn ·

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio G25 laptop with wireless connection to my Gateway desktop, where the wireless Linksys router resides. Usually the first time I try to do email or internet from the laptop, it fails, but the second time it connects. I’ve read a previous answer about this problem that changing to set to “Automatically Detect Settings” of the LAN would help. I’ve tried that with no better luck. ALso, the speed of download is in the 40KB/second range, while from the desktop it is 300KB to 400KB. When I do a ping, lots of times, it is only 2 of 4 succeed, sometimes all 4 succeed. Any thoughts of what might be wrong?

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      by rkuhn040172 ·

      In reply to On Home LAN, Cannot Connect 1st Time

      Not enough info.

      What are you using? A? G? B? N?

      What is your signal strength? What model router? Static or dynamic DHCP? Distance from router?

      Please, more detail…

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      Reply To: On Home LAN, Cannot Connect 1st Time

      by jdclyde ·

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      When you fire up a laptop, if you only connect to ONE access point it often will reconnect at bootup next time.

      If you go between different access points, then it requires manually going in with the wireless software, look at the networks available, and select the one you want.

      If you have your firewall on, this can interfere with connectivity.

      Are you using the windows software or the wireless vendors? It is ALWAYS better to you a venfors software/drivers than to use the windows software/drivers.

      Slow through put. Is this B or G? How far are you from the access point? What other software is running on the laptop in the background?

      Use MSCONFIG to turn off all the quick time, the DEFAULT “pinger” software that comes on Tochiba laptops, IM, print monitors blah blah blah.

      Scan for ad/maleware.

      DISABLING THE LAN PORT is sometimes necissary! Everyother ping failing could be because the laptop is confused which route to take.

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