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On illegal immigration part 2

By lars_honeytoast ·
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The first discussion was gettinga little crowded.;CR56

Here are two thoughts:

The "poor and wretched" of the earth make up literally billions of people. Should they all move to the USA? How many people can Americans take in before the country falls apart?

Thomas Sowell puts it this way: "We continue to hear about the 'need' for immigrants to do jobs that Americans will not do ? even though these are all jobs that Americans have done for generations before mass illegal immigration became a way of life. Bombings in London, Madrid and the 9/11 terrorist attacks here are all part of the high price being paid today for decades of importing human time bombs from the Arab world. That in turn has been the fruit of an unwillingness to filter out people according to the countries they come from. Europeans and Americans have for decades been playing Russian roulette with their loose immigration policies. The intelligentsia have told us that it would be wrong, and even racist, to set limits based on where the immigrants come from. There are thousands of Americans who might still be alive if we had banned immigration from Saudi Arabia and perhaps that might be more important than the rhetoric of the intelligentsia."

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Human time bombs?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to On illegal immigration pa ...

You mean that Osama is mad at you because, what? His nephew snuck into the states and got mugged in the Bronx? What?

Did you even think that through? If you did, please explain how immigration to the US causes terrorism (excepting white supremacy terrorism and Timothy McVeigh-type crap that has nothing to do with arabs).

The US-government screwing over the "outside world" has very little to do with immigration, illegal or otherwise.

Osama was part of that. Reagan sent him to afghanistan, remember? Even had a photo-op, and called them Patriots, far as I recall. What a sucker. He should have stuck with Bedtime for Bonzo.

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Lars, "a little crowded"?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to On illegal immigration pa ...

"The first discussion was getting a little crowded."

Lars, that sucker was barely a couple of hundred posts long. Stick around; several times a year we'll have one get into the thousands. A couple of legendary ones pushed five figures. ('E Lie', anyone?)

Seriously, it's considered poor form here at TR to start a second discussion while the original is still active. The consensus here is that it's easier to keep up with one oversized discussion than multiple smaller ones. Other sites may feel differently.

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Don't say that word here!!

by jmgarvin In reply to Lars, "a little crowded"?

You may wake it from the dead!!!!

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Can't; it was purged.

by deepsand In reply to Don't say that word here! ...

In fact, can't even find it on Google Groups anymore.

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The other one I had in mind

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can't; it was purged.

was jd's divorce. I can't find it either. That surprised me, since it was mentioned at last summer's get-together as an example of the strength of the community.

I can find portions of The Thread That Shall Not Be Named in web archives, but not the whole thing. I occasionally wonder if Jay archived it somewhere, but have never been motivated enough to ask.

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TTTSNBN had been archived to Google Groups, in its entirety.

by deepsand In reply to The other one I had in mi ...

However, I forgot to promptly download a copy; and, when I eventually remembered that I'd not done that, it was gone.

Considering that storage space was already then dirt cheap, I never did buy the claim that all of the huge threads were dumped owing to such consideration. I suspect that the real reason was that mere access to such was straining the CPU power available back then.

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If you're thinking the one I think you are,

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to TTTSNBN had been archived ...

I have a personal copy that I'll sell for dark chocolate ice cream in a waffle bowl.

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That is probably

by santeewelding In reply to If you're thinking the on ...

One of the true, genuine, really, actual, justifiable reasons I see to keep something on a computer.

Not that I'm interested, but, what are the dimensions of this bowl?

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Some things are priceless.

by deepsand In reply to If you're thinking the on ...

For the rest there's MasterCard.


Text only; or, with live links?

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Five hundred some odd pages.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to If you're thinking the on ...

It's on the data disk of the desktop that crashed. In Word, so probably live links. I don't recall for sure. And if I don't recall that, I sure can't tell you how many kb it is. :^0

I really need to rebuild.

Hmmm. It may be on disk somewhere. I backed it up shortly before it crashed. I'll dig a bit for it this weekend. After I get the rest of the garden in.

4" diameter on the waffle bowl. Two large scoops, please.

etu again:
sandy - EL?

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