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On-line frauds

By Alphinux ·
I was asked (by my father) to check out the company's computers because money was stolen from their bank account. It was a transfer to another account and the guys at the bank told him that this was going to be a slow process, when the ony thing he wants its the data of the account in which the money was transfered. I would apreciate any suggestions and links to websites containing info about this things.
Thanks a lot.

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by jmgarvin In reply to On-line frauds

Contact your bank and the FBI

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by OTL In reply to On-line frauds

Banks will not release info about other accounts without a court order (fact). Agree with answer # 1 exception is if it was an inter/intra bank transaction (then the state has jurisdiction) Last I heard this is embezzlement/fraud.

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by secureplay In reply to On-line frauds

First, it sounds like you have a small business, so you should first contact your attorney and accountant. They may advise you to contact the local police - this is theft, pure and simple.

Don't muck with your computers or other records - they may be evidence. You may need a computer forensic investigator to determine where the fraud was.

You should be able to review your own bank records to see where the transaction was and to what account (you probably won't be able to see who the recipient was). The review of your own records should help determine who initiated the theft on your end. If there was a wire transfer, a signature or other record of the authorizing individual and time of transaction should be available and provided by your bank in the course of business.

If the funds transfer was done out of your company, it is most likely done by an employee. Sadly, most theft is internal.

If it was not done internally, then you need to get aggressive with your bank - then they have a security problem. This is a different issue and your goal should be to get your funds back. This is probably less likely than an internal theft, however. Again, your lawyer and account are your best friends here.

Finally, if the amount was not too large, you may be best off in writing it off. Lawyers, accountants, and consultants are not cheap. If it was an internal theft (or that is what you suspect), you should review your internal controls to ensure that only proper people can move money around.

Good luck.

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by wlbowers In reply to On-line frauds

This is wire fraud.

Take him to the bank and have them show you the transfer information.

If it was several small transfers or one large one they have the records.

Tell them you want record copies for your self, the local police, and the FBI.

Show them the forged transfers and start the procedures to recover the funds.

Now what you don't want is your father going to the other bank and doing something that will be a mistake.

Let the authorities take care of it. The bank has to eventually put the money back.

Good Luck


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Missing the boat

by tripodd In reply to On-line frauds

I think we may all be missing the boat here, if I'm reading his profile correctly. It appears he is posting from Mexico, and we are trying to provide info on how we would start in the U.S. I don't have a clue on how to advise someone in another country.

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