On power up PC runs for a few seconds then shuts off

By slaughterdog ·
I've seen similar questions here about this issue but all of them seemd to be relating to a new machine. I came home from work yesterday to my PC being shut off and a clock on the same house circuit flashing. Apparently the fuse that the PC was on blew while I was away and the PC defaults to power off.

Now when I press the power button everything turns on, drives spin up, DVD drive lights come on and the fans start spinning. This lasts for a second or two and then it powers down, not even enough time for POST beeps or anything. So is this likely the power supply or something else? My mobo and CPU are only about 5 months old so I really hope I don't have to get new ones.

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by TheChas In reply to On power up PC runs for a ...

A lot depends on what style of power failure and recovery there was.

If the power bounced up and down a few times, or the mains voltage went high, can cause more failures than a simple shut of and power on.

If you do have a need to leave your computer on all the time, you should invest in a UPS system to keep the computer running in the event of a power failure. Many of these systems also allow you to set things up so that the computer shuts down if the power is out for an extended time.

As to your computer, I would start with the power supply. Assuming the power supply did fail, it is possible for the motherboard or drives to be damaged.


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