On prem to cloud connection

By yossiyossef ·
Looking for the wisdom of the crowd:)
What is the best way to connect your on prem data center to Azure?

Let's say that budget is not a problem.
Option 1 is using 10Gbps simetric internet connection for site to site VPN.

Option 2 is using 100Mbps-200Mbps expressroute

Some consultants suugests me use option 1 and others option 2...

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RE: Azure

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to On prem to cloud connecti ... tells about Expressroute. It seems to have some advantages above a standard internet connection.

Why not ask the consultants to explain to your why their solution is the best? If they know what they talk about, they should be able to convince you that A is better than B in your situation (or, of course, the reverse).

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by yossiyossef In reply to RE: Azure

Thanks for the link.
The one who suggests the VPN over the internet said that the 10Gbps connection is faster And cheaper.
The other consultant who supports the E. R based his recommendation on the security and reliability.

Get the same bandwidth over E. R is too much expensive.

In the next few days I have a meeting with Microsoft representive in my region.

I'll let you know what they say about it.

Thanks again

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Re: connection

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Re

In your first post, you didn't say anything about the connection speed your company needs. Not did you discuss the opinion of the company about price versus security and reliability.

Both consultants can be right as long as the requirements and criteria aren't clearly formulated.

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Re: connection

by yossiyossef In reply to Re: connection

I had a meeting with Microsoft engineers and they explained me that E.R is more reliable and recommended because of the low latency and high broadband, BUT (there's a big but) with my current internet connection (10Gbps down/10Gbps up) the S2S VPN is a good option. Other than that, a similar broadband E.R is too far much expensive.
Another option mentioned in the meeting is using a SD-WAN solution combining 100Mbps E.R with S2S VPN.

My plan is start moving workloads from the on premise DC to Azure and use it as an extension for the DC.
Thank you for your answers

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On prem to cloud connection

by deborasumopayroll In reply to On prem to cloud connecti ...

A cross-premises Azure virtual network is connected to your on-premises network, extending your network to include subnets and virtual machines hosted in Azure infrastructure services. This connection lets computers on your on-premises network directly access virtual machines in Azure and vice versa.

Your virtual machines in Azure don't have to be isolated from your on-premises environment. To connect Azure virtual machines to your on-premises network resources, you must configure a cross-premises Azure virtual network. The following diagram shows the required components to deploy a cross-premises Azure virtual network with a virtual machine in Azure.

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On prem to cloud connection

by teleglobalinternat In reply to On prem to cloud connecti ...

There a few ways to connect on prem Datacenter to azure :

1 . Site-to-Site connection in the Azure portal . More information can be found here :
2 . By using a ExpressRoute , which is a azure service allows to create privet connection between Azure Datacenter & On prem Datacenter.
More information can be found here :

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