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On-site Paging

By rrogers854 ·
In the Help Desk environment that I work we do not have any pagers or push-to-talk wireless devices because of poor signal strength within our building. At one time we had pagers from a regional carrier but with all the interference within the building the service was not reliable. I just started my research for on-site paging systems and am wondering what some well respected vendors might be. What I am also interested in hearing about are cases of both good and bad implementations and what could have been done differently to make it a success.

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by Oz_Media In reply to On-site Paging

Intercom page-all with your pohone system doesn't work?

Wireless handsets with paging for warehouse or employees on the move?

This is the most common option I've seen, and one of the cheapest. You are talking strictly ONSITE here right?

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Additional Info.

by rrogers854 In reply to Onsite

To follow-up on the previous post I will state some more information. I am trying to find a solution to notify an individual tech or the whole staff at a given moment. Since this system is to be within a office building an intercom solution would distrupt too many other users. And yes this would be a strictly onsite solution.

I am looking to implement a communication method to inform techs while they are away from there desk about outages, high priority problems a user in their area might be having, and as a means to notify techs that someone is looking for them.

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Still can use telecom paging

by Oz_Media In reply to Additional Info.

Depending on your telephone equipment manufacturer, you can pick up multiline wireless headsets for them. They work just like a desktop telephone set on the go. YOu will have the same single key or four digit paging that a normal desktop set offers you except with the wireless headset, they just get a beep page and can take the call from you. (Just like beeping someone's telephone and talking to them via the speaker).

This way the investment is extremely minimal, the paging is identical to an intercom call on your system (easy) and you can ensure the privacy of others as well.

I've set up similar systems for quite a few companies and it's definitely the easiest, fastest and most cost effective method I've seen, plus you don't need to remember phone numbers or anything, it's the exact same method as beeping thier speakerphone, whether single key or four digit extensions, depending on your telecom equipment.

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by Jaqui In reply to On-site Paging

of the cell services offer phones that are a 3 device unit.
cell phone, 2 way radio and pager.

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Use of Nextels

by rrogers854 In reply to some

Some time ago we tried out MCI's pager service but most of the pages went unrecieved within the building. Without doing any research on the frequencies that the pagers operated at, I am uncertain if rolling out Nextels or a similar device by another cellular company would have the same results.

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