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Once more with feeling Jason Hines...

By alfielee ·
Gizmodo have an article regarding netbooks:
Yes there is the Windows on the Eee-Pad but most of the netbooks run Linux. I believe this will gradually become the norm.

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Taken to rum

by santeewelding In reply to Once more with feeling Ja ...

Have you, alfie?

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Dear santeewelding (sad, sad name)

by alfielee In reply to Taken to rum

No, I don't drink at all. What's your point?

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by santeewelding In reply to Dear santeewelding (sad, ...

It's a line from Treasure Island. The old pirate, Long John Silver, with a twinkle in his eye, asks of the boy, Jim Hawkins,

"Hain't taken to rum, 'ave ye, boy?"

Long John was tweaking the kid.

I'm tweaking you.

Before I commented, and after I noted your misspelling of Jason's last name -- and your orphan post -- I reviewed your posting history. The review afforded me a sense of your makeup.

I garnered that you are about as literal as they come.

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Who is Jason Hines?

by Ron K. In reply to Once more with feeling Ja ...

What's your point?

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Dear RonK

by alfielee In reply to Who is Jason Hines?

Jason Hines is a journo on these pages who made comment that Linux on netbooks is basically over. It probably wouldn't have taken you too long to look but what the heck, take a dig at someone for no reason anyway.

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or is it

by PurpleSkys In reply to Dear RonK
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My opinion.

by Ron K. In reply to Dear RonK

Jason <b>Hiner</b> has published more pertinent, interesting, technical articles than you have. He probably has a better job too. Out-do him and then I'll listen to you, if you spell his name right. <br>
Right now you look like a wannabe who never was, that can't even check basic facts. In my book that puts you near the top of the <i>Loser</i> column.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Dear RonK

Jason HINER's position was that Linux was over on all personal computers, desktop and laptop included, not just netbooks.

"...most of the netbooks run Linux."

Please provide links to statistics supporting this statement.

"I believe this (Linux on netbooks) will gradually become the norm."

Please provide supporting statements for this position. Even then, what makes your beliefs on the subject any more relevant than Jason's, or even mine?

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Actually it is netbooks...

by alfielee In reply to Actually,

The article I am referring to was only about netbooks. I have no proof other than there are many netbooks coming out with Meebo, Intel & Nokia's Linux version & Android is also widespread in its development. Perhaps it isn't there yet but the focus is towards these Linux versions.

I also feel that Windows7 is probably wasted on the small form computer & even competitors to the iPad seem to be coming out more in Android versions. The iPad itself has harmed the netbook sales but for kids & school, the more expensive option is often not going to be a financial option.

His article said that netbooks will die off.

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Must I do your research for you?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Actually it is netbooks.. ...

In most other cases I'd challenge the poster to support his position. Since you're challenging a friend, I'll do it for you:

Note the title of the article: "The market has rejected Linux DESKTOPS" (my caps for emphasis). Must I go through and quote the lines that reference systems other than netbooks, or can you manage that for yourself?

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