One additional NIC in my system for vonage.

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Okay, so here is my situation. I have a plain ol computer running Windows XP, and it has an integrated NIC. My home network consists of 3 other computers, taking up the rest of the Ethernet ports in my router. So that is 1 modem connected to 1 router that provides internet to 4 computers. One of the computers used to be wireless but recently had many problems and now must be hardwired. My phone service Vonage needs an internet port as well, but all 4 computers must be connected to the net at all times.

So this is what I did. I purchased an additional NIC for my computer and installed it hoping I could keep my computer connected to my router and use the additional NIC to supply the Vonage device with the internet it needs. This does not work because the new NIC overrides the old one, and I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. Any suggestions?

The Basic setup I want :

1 modem connects to 1 router that supplies internet to 4 computers via RJ-45 cables. I want to install an additional NIC (Linksys Etherfast 10/100) to my computer and use it to supply the internet to my Vonage device. How can I do this and make it work? Thank you very much for any answers. If you need more specs, I will post them.

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Well it would be easier to just insert a small 8 Port Hub

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to One additional NIC in my ...

They are about the same price as a NIC and far easier to set up as it only requires a Patch Lead from the Router to the Uplink port of the Hub.

Now depending on the Network Interface in your computer you may not be able to use a 10/100 card particularly if you have a Gigabyte NIC already in the system.

You can not have different NIC's installed in the same system so if you have a Gigaybit NIC you need to fit a Gygabit NIC if you have a 100 T Base you need to fit a 1090 T Base NIC and so on.

When you have this fitted and installed all you need to do is Open the Network Connections Window and highlight both Network Cards/Connections then right click and select Bridge in the Drop Down Menu.

Of course you will need to have your computer switched on to use your Phone where as if you use a Hub and Patch Lead the computer can not be running and you'll still have the phone connection.


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