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    One AS400


    by herb ·

    I have an as400 on a network in location A. Location A is connected to Location B via a private frame relay circuit. Location B provides internet access to that private network. Location A, and Location B are both different networks but are being routed through a couple of Adtran Netvanta 3200s. I need to be able to access that as400 from the internet ( location b ), any ideas?

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      by herb ·

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      by hozcanhan ·

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      herb if you mean you will close down frame relay link and establish a link over the internet ( replace frame relay with ip ) then you have to save your routers configurations , reconfigure them for ip routing with correct ip addresses and define a vpn . of course you would need static ips for both sides , for a formal – well defined network over the net . you might be in need of the big blue help desk . but if you know how to configure your eth port on as 400 controller at site B , you can do it yourself. For router configuration you can get ideas from a similar cisco set up example . from this site or cisco site.

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      by scmgithd ·

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      VPN? Why does it have to be through the internet if the locations are connected? I have an AS/400 at location A, location B is connected with a T1. They are separate networks, connected with routers. We don’t have any problems because of the way the routing is set up in the routers (there are routes set up for both addressing structures). Locations C and D are not connected to the network and use a VPN connection to come in. We have a Cisco PIX Firewall that it runs through.

      Good luck!


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      by grymattr ·

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      It’s just basic routing. Gateway of last resort needs to be set on the router in location A.

      Example: Location A has a network of and Location B has a network of Location A IP’s would have a default gateway of the router/layer 3 device. Let’s call it Location B – same situation and we’ll call it Location B needs a layer 3 device that directs all traffic not destined for to the Internet. The router at location A will require the same config. All traffic that is not local goes to Location B and it will route it out.

      If you’d like more specific details you are welcome to email me at



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