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One client continually getting hit viruses!

By b99scotti ·

I have a client that continues to get hit with viruses way to much. This client has AV system that is set to update daily and it appears to be working fine.

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to protect this client? Please be detailed, and offer suggestions on various products, hardware, etc. that could be used together in dealing with this situation.

Thanks for your advice and suggestions in advance.

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What kind of viruses?

by gralfus In reply to One client continually ge ...

If they are emails, then there isn't much you can do to stop a deluge besides changing the email address. Any time someone's email address gets out, whether by using it in newsgroups, chat rooms, to buy something online, or by a "friend" using their address in a mass mailing of a forwarded message, the address becomes available to spammers and to other PCs that may be infected with viruses.

I have had email addresses that were sold to spammers by online merchants, and shortly became unusable due to the high volume of crap that I received. There are folks where I work that are getting dozens of virus emails a day, probably because of the above mentioned reasons.

We can filter quite a bit through the server, but the text of the virus messages still come through. (On a similar note, I would like to see every email server in the entire world *quit* responding to emails with viruses by sending warning emails to the alleged senders, especially since we know it almost certainly did not originate at that address.)

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Couple of questions

by JamesRL In reply to One client continually ge ...

1) Are you sure that the updates are getting done? I would verify each PC to see that the automatic updates are actually happening.

2) Is there anti-virus on the mail server? If you own the mail server, make sure you have the right antivirus software running on the server. If its an ISP, then see if they have anti virus services for their mail. If they don't and aren't considering it, I would consider switching ISPs.

3) Is there anti-virus software on the file servers? While most viruses come in through email, its possible someone saved one of those attachments on a file server somewhere - it needs to be clean too.

4) Has anyone taken the time to educate the employees. I rarely get viruses because I know not to open documents sent to me from people I don't know.

Hope that helps.


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A bit more info here would help no end

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to One client continually ge ...

While both the above postings are totally correct it all depends on the type of virus, the network setup and about 100 other things like is it always the same workstation/s getting hit? Also the brand of AV would help.

So if you can provide the details of both the setup AV product and the virus/s that are hitting it may be possible to offer you some advice like you need otherwise we are just shooting in the dark without knowing what to look for.


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