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By byteside ·
I have a strange question. Is it possible to have one computer and six monitors, keybords & mice all running from the one computer? I want to eliminate the row of computers but keep the ability to access Internet and do other things on the computer but each monitor, keyboard and mouse would be its own station. Each station will be able to do its own thing but all controlled by one computer. Hope this is making sence. Any Ideas would be great. Thanks.

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Basically if I understand you right

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to one computer six monitors

You want to attempt to remove 6 computers and roll them into 1 right with 6 workstations available on it?

The answer is No it can not be done as you are unable to have 2 different people using the system at the same time but you could rip out 5 of the computers and replace them with Thin Clients working off one computer and that would give you the same effect. Though if the computers are slow now it will make the single computer that much slower when every workstation is being used and you'll need something to be running as a DCHP Server but that's not the hard part.


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You might.........

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to one computer six monitors

be able to in 2020 but at the moment you dont have enough pci slots for cards or the fact that all machines come withonly 1 agp slot for one agp card.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to one computer six monitors

There are some devices which can share one VGA, one Mouse and one keyboard port to more devices, but!!!! You can?t work separately. Go to for future information.

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by byteside In reply to Partially

Thanks for all the responses. I was thinking that it would not be possible. From any research that I have done it sounds like the configuration I am looking at would be a considered a dumb terminal. I dont think that is windows based.

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In the Main Frame Days they would have been Dumb Terminals

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks

But today they are called Thin Clients and can be run from a Windows Platform as a DCHP unit see the following URL for some idea as to what is available.

This is just one companies products there are many others and a Goggle Search of Thin Clients will show you what is available. I've built complete systems around these on both the Linux & Windows Platforms without a problem.


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Thin Clients would be the way to go

by tryten In reply to In the Main Frame Days th ...

Thin clients would be the way to go. We are going to test some thin clients for our training dept. We currently want 10 thin clients per training room, with one main terminal in each room. We have purchased 2 terminal boxes and are setting up the main controller.

Cost is not an issue either. The thin client terminals we purchased were $200 compared to the $800 desktops that would normally be used.

An added bonus, we have some theft issues at the plant. A whole system Optiplex GX620 with P4, 1 GB RAM, DVD-ROM, and 80GB drive went missing...monitor and all. So did the RAM and Harddrive from the system next to it. The terminals will help deter most people from wanting to steal it. (not all but most)(Not to mention the new IR detection cameras)

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Which ones for $200

by steve In reply to Thin Clients would be the ...

Which thin Clients did you get for $200 a piece,


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Hmm thin clients

by vande In reply to In the Main Frame Days th ...

Yeah cant you have a bunch of this clients all connecting to a server? just need a keyboard and mouse and monitor

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Something like this

by JamesRL In reply to one computer six monitors

This is a device that acts like a CPU less/diskless terminal that attachs to a PC or server where the apps are stored. I've seen other devices like this that have an embedded OS (some windows some linux) and a browser on it.



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by byteside In reply to Something like this

Hey I like the
NComputing L200 RJ45 Multi-User Network Computing Terminal. Have you ever used this product and if so how well does it work. How difficult is it to set up.

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