One Computer with Two IPs - One IP Could Not Be Registered On The Interface

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- Workgroup with three Windows 7 Pro desktop computers each with single NIC's and no wireless capability.
- Each computer is configured to use DHCP on the router. There is no domain controller nor DHCP server.
- One workstation with machine name MAIN-PC, is sharing a folder and has a DHCP provided address of For this example, let's presume the shared folder is open to the Everyone group in both share permissions and Windows security permissions.
- Machine names CLIENT-1 and CLIENT-2 have mapped network drives to the shared folder on MAIN-PC. For each one, Advanced TCP/IP Settings shows NetBIOS setting configured as Default (Use NetBIOS setting from the DHCP server.)
- An additional half dozen computers also share the internet connection.


While using CLIENT-1 or CLIENT-2 both ping and tracert to MAIN-PC returns an incorrect address of, instead of The mapped network drives, which reference machine name MAIN-PC, doesn't allow access and prompts for credentials. The shared folder on MAIN-PC is open to Everyone group so permissions aren't needed. Also, using Windows Explorer and browsing to \\ shows the open shared folder.

While using MAIN-PC, a tracert to includes the words "Tracing route to MAIN-PC" which is expected. However, a tracert to includes the words "Tracing route to MAIN-PC" which is not expected. A tracert to MAIN-PC includes the words "Tracing route to MAIN-PC" and displays the IPv6 address.

In System Event Viewer, there are recurring entries for:

Log Name: System
Source: NetBT
Date: 3/10/2017 10:07:30 AM
Event I 4321
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: MAIN-PC
The name "MAIN-PC :0" could not be registered on the interface with IP address The computer with the IP address did not allow the name to be claimed by this computer.

Why does MAIN-PC with a single network interface and no addition IP addresses on the NIC, have two IP addresses and

Why does CLIENT-1 and CLIENT-2 resolve the machine MAIN-PC to the wrong IP address

My understanding is that in a WORKGROUP, NetBIOS is being used for name resolution. I have run ipconfig/flushdns on MAIN-PC, CLIENT-1 and CLIENT-2. The phantom still appears. How do I troubleshoot this further?

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by BeyondITall In reply to One Computer with Two IPs ...

Since the router is also the DHCP server I will have to ask if you flushed the cache on the router? Which router you have will determine how you would do this. Should you have already done this then and the problem persists then I would disconnect any share on the workstations. I would then stop sharing the folder(s) being shared. I would then set a static IP address on each computer involved with this. Once this is done you can recreate your share(s) and then map into to the new shares. You can map in with the IP address instead of the computer name. This should resolve your problem. Just for GP, I always set static IP addresses for all computers that have or connect to shares and for all network printers. Document these IP address and you will quit having to chase down which device is using which IP address.

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