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    one domain inside another(IIS4) DNS


    by felix ·

    I am trying to park one domain inside; suppose I hace a domain ABC, I have put another domain XYZ inside it, so that i can access XYZ as http://abc/xyz
    So far so good…

    But I want to assign a different FTP username to the 2nd one, coz I don’t want users of 2nd domain to access first one. I havecreated FTP site with necessary permissions, but could not access it. can anyone tell me the exact DNS setting for this?


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      one domain inside another(IIS4) DNS

      by nexed ·

      In reply to one domain inside another(IIS4) DNS

      this sounds like an error with the ftp service itself. can you elaborate on the domain a bit more? because of you say http://ABC/XYZ that would not be a dns problem. if you mean http://ABC.XYZ then you have to add an a record for ABC.XYZ and point it to the server.


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