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One Domain, Two locations; HELP

By jdelgado ·
How would I go about creating a server that had one domain but at two different locations spread across a city. Each location has its own ISP, the main office has static IPs from the ISP and the other office just has internet service. Currently each office has a server computer with Windows 2003 Enterprise.

The second office had its server set up first. It was the smaller office and the bosses wanted to make sure the task could be handled. So it created the domain. Now I'm trying to make it so that the Main office take control of the domain but make it so that the second office can still be within the domain and have access to the main office.

So like i said, I have one domain, which was created in the second office, and now i'm trying to keep that domain, move it to the main office, and then have both offices within that one domain. Any suggestions?

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by ippirate In reply to One Domain, Two locations ...

Static IP's at both sites, VPN between the two, Running W2K3, Active Directory and build a trust between the two. See links for more information on the last.

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by CG IT In reply to One Domain, Two locations ...

Well you don't "move" the domain around. A domain is a logical structure not physical. you can have a domain that encompasses many sites and also many child domains [though for admin purposes, best practice is to limit the # and levels of child domains.

The DC you first created the Active Directory domain on hold the schema master role and operational master roles and is the DC at the root of the domain. Doesn't matter where it is physically located [provided the links are fast and reliable]. What you need to do is create a site in Active Directory Sites and Services, create a site link and assign a cost to the link. Then for the main office subnet associate that site with that subnet. DCs in sites will replicated with each other over the site links and AD will replicate so user accounts create in the main office will replicate to the other office, vice versa. The local DCs will provide domain logon services for clients.

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by CG IT In reply to

kind of a simplistic answer but thats the jist of it. create a site and site link, associate a subnet with the site. assign a cost to the site link for replication.

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by CG IT In reply to

I'll add that if you wanted to physically move the DC that you created the AD domain on to the main office, you can do that however you have to remember that you have DNS running on the DC [or somewhere because AD relies upon DNS and can't function properly without a DNS server. Therefore you have records in DNS which indicate services are available by IP address [a subnet]. you would have to change all that to correspond to the main office subnet . If you have DHCP running you would have to change that as well to match the main office subnet. or you change the main office subnet to match the subnet the server was setup for.

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