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By zlzpqx ·
My One Drive contains two folders: Camera Roll (2.24 GB) and Samsung Gallery (2.75 GB).

Above two folders contain more or less identical pictures, as I expect; for my Samsung Gallery in my Samsung smartphone has been synced to my One Drive. (The contents of Camera Roll occupy 2.24 GB, while those of Samsung Gallery occupy 2.75 GB, which is OK; for I must have deleted in the past some pictures from Camera Roll).

The space occupied in One Cloud by now is thus 2.24 + 2.75, which is close to the maximum 5 GB, which is available to me free of charge.

The obvious solution for me to reduce by approximately 50% the space currently occupied in One Cloud seems to be to delete one of the two folders, Camera Roll and Samsung Gallery. What are the pros and cons regarding which of the two folders to delete? Further, I would like to know why One Cloud had automatically created the folder Samsung Gallery BESIDES Camera Roll in the first place; there must be some reason for that.

Thank you.
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by zlzpqx In reply to One Drive and Samsung Gal ...
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Why would be guessing.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to One Drive and Samsung Gal ...

But I take it neither Microsoft or Samsung has answered so my thought is that it's the usual broekmess that you see all around us. But that's not a good answer.

My thought is that Samsung syncs somewhere and OneDrive dutifully creates a backup on the MSFT OneDrive.

-> Given that such storage is not reliable my choice would be to copy everything to a local folder for sorting and then once sorted copy all this back up to the cloud as backup. Your choice on the exact steps but backups are key here.

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