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One Good Thing, from the Associated Press.

By nopremx ·
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Here's their description.

“One Good Thing” is a series that highlights individuals whose actions provide glimmers of joy in hard times — stories of people who find a way to make a difference, no matter how small.

And now, the link.

Link ok.
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by BOB.B In reply to One Good Thing, from the ...

Your post seems to have passed the test.
Or the test has not been run yet.

If the post does vanish good luck finding out why.

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There was some mild sarcasm in my OP.

by nopremx In reply to Congrats

Pretty hard for a Mod or TOS to find fault with something like that. Yet, as you've seen elsewhere, some shy away from the Bible, which calls itself, literally, good news (Gospel).

Back to OP. Someone in SE said I and others were too gloomy - that's what I get for quoting news reports out of DC. :-)
I put One Good Thing out there to show I could be as warm and fuzzy as the next man, but mainly to show what working stiffs like us can do when we stop looking for Red or Blue labels in approaching people or problems.
Didn't attract much attention, as I recall. Good stuff, anyway.

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by BOB.B In reply to There was some mild sarca ...

Seems like my town has some weekly aid program put on by an org or person.


People helping people get by in this time of need.

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Our local television stations have been doing similar,

by Phayte In reply to One Good Thing, from the ...

one calls theirs "Pay-it-4ward" (channel 4) another calls theirs "Something Good" (channel 9), both geared to local type humanitarian, goodwill, community service and volunteer type activities. Sometimes a little good news is refreshing!

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Got a Pay it 4ward here, too.

by nopremx In reply to Our local television stat ...

That has been going for a few years now. The station has been giving cash to those awarded it, nominated by other citizens. Any good news is good news. (I just invented that.) :-)

The AP series started with the lockdowns. Some people are ingenious in reaching out with few resources. In contrast to full-fledged government agencies.
AP must have hundreds of stories by now.

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I like this one because there's a personal sacrifice involved.

by nopremx In reply to One Good Thing, from the ...
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Related story; quite amazing IMO.

by nopremx In reply to One Good Thing, from the ...

Captain Sir Tom Moore - yes, that's the proper form of address - has died, just having turned 100.

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BTW, Bob will remember a discussion in SE involving

by nopremx In reply to Related story; quite amaz ...

"causes of death" in re the "COVID conspiracy' business. I am NOT here to revive that, but notice the BBC take on his case.
"He was being treated in hospital for pneumonia and coronavirus, but passed away on Tuesday afternoon."
The proximate cause of death would have to be pneumonia IMO. It's your best bet, as a reporting MD, for anyone that old. It's also one of the most common reports.

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Capt. Sir Tom update

by nopremx In reply to Related story; quite amaz ...

This is an excellent summary of the story, along with those of some of his "children".

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Then there's this one, from BBC.

by nopremx In reply to One Good Thing, from the ...
"Forests the size of tennis courts"
Seems to be a mostly a Euro thing. (I told you they're smarter than Yanks. ?) (My Gboard smileys don't work here. Here's one )

BTW, anyone with basic knowledge of that famous book of "myths" called the Bible will recognize a similar scheme at Gen 1:28. Just sayin'.

NM is an attractive place, to me, but we could use some more green where I live. Looks like it's beyond backyard gardening, though. We do have foxes here.
If anyone sees Kees wandering the TR hallways, ask him if he's seen any. He was our resident Dutchman at Cnet. [Article says the Dutch are maybe the best at this out of necessity - no room!]

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