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    one graph per cpu button in win XP taskbar is disabled


    by rahul.karkhanis ·

    hi all ….

    i have a Dell Latitude D620, Intel Centrino Core Duo and Winxp SP2
    and in my taskbar, i can see only one graph for CPU instead of two, as well one graph per cpu button in win XP taskbar is disabled.

    can you help ???

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      Imaged with wrong HAL

      by customer_advocate ·

      In reply to one graph per cpu button in win XP taskbar is disabled


      I?m at Dell Headquarters in Austin, Texas and I just came across this post. It sounds like there is a good possibility that the image put on that laptop contained the wrong HAL. One good way to check is to go into the Device Manager and make sure that the one in there is ACPI Multiprocessor PC”. If that isn’t the one you see then that?s most likely the problem. The only supported methods of fixing this that I’m aware of are to build a new image and apply it, or OS reinstall from CD; however, it possible to swap out the HAL file from the recovery console. Below are links to MSKB articles on HAL types that may be of use. If you choose to attempt the quicker, yet unsupported, method of replacing the HAL, it?s essential that you back up all data first should anything go wrong.

      Dell, Inc.

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        What if I DO see “ACPI Multiprocessor PC”?

        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to Imaged with wrong HAL

        I’m also seeing only one processor in Task Manager with my Core Duo computer (Dell Inspiron E1505). I’ve tried checking the options for “CPU History” under “View” in Task Manager, but the only option is “One Graph per CPU.” I used to see two graphs (the last time I checked was a couple of months ago), but I only see one today.

        I just checked Device Manager–>System Devices–>Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System, and it says “on ACPI Multiprocessor PC.” As far as Task Manager seems to know, however, I have a single processor PC.

        I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for an hour or so, and this is the only resource that provides a relevant answer other than “change CPU history to ‘one graph per CPU’.” So, what if I already have CPU history on “one graph per CPU” and the Device Manager indicates that I have “ACPI Multiprocessor PC”?

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      I have a solution

      by alkeilani ·

      In reply to one graph per cpu button in win XP taskbar is disabled

      I had the same problem. What I did is that in the BIOS I have disabled the dual core mode then I started windows. The restarted the laptop again and enabled the dual core mode again. It worked!!!!!!

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