One ISP Two Networks

By mperata ·
I have an Xfinity internet account with an ARRIS modem feeding into a WNR1000v2 wireless router and a GS605v3 switch.

I want to set up a business network in addition to my home network. What additional stuff do I need and how would you configure the two networks. The business network will use Small Business Server 2011 Standard and the server wants to be its own DHCP.

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Depends what you need as a LAN

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to One ISP Two Networks

But provided that you don't need to share WiFi all that is required is to run a Ethernet Cable from the Router to the Server.

Use the WiFi for the Home LAN and the Wired Connection for the Business LAN.

Of course when you setup the WiFi Router Do Not Bridge the Wired and WiFi Connections.

If you want WiFi on Both you'll need another WiFi Router and run the second from the first via Ethernet Cable and setup the second one as a Sub LAN on the main one with different WiFi Security.

The server will need 2 LAN Connections and on the one not used run a Ethernet Cable from it to the Switch and distribute the LAN from there. You can set the Server to issue DHCP at the same time.


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Simplest approach

by robo_dev In reply to One ISP Two Networks

Would be to buy a router that supports VLANs, such as a Cisco RVL200. This would let you define two VLANs, which would work the same as two physical networks sharing a common Internet connection.

You can plug your existing switch into a port on the Cisco for more ports, and you can either buy a new WLAN access point, or reconfigure your WLAN router to work as an access point (plug into new router via LAN port, disable DHCP in Netgear).

I might mention that if the only reason to split your LAN is due to DHCP, then simply shut off DHCP in your Netgear Router and let the SBS server do the DHCP for everything.

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Reponse To Answer

by mperata In reply to Simplest approach

Thank you both for your suggestions.
I have a Gb switch that I currently use between the server and desktop with a WIFI laptop. Just an aside, I wanted to copy the contents (190Gb) of the laptop \ drive to the desktop and Win 7 reported it would take 15 hours. I plugged the laptop into the switch and got it done in 30 minutes.
I think I will run the laptop and desktop off a wired sub-LAN.

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