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One More Idea for IT Motivation

By marc.hamilton ·
Harris Kern's article on IT Discipline Mentoring program is right on target. I bet some of the negative discussion threads on the article came from folks who never had the opportunity to work at a company that invested enough time and effort to put them them through such a mentoring program. In case people have not noticed, IT hiring is actually up this year and IT employees have more choices than ever where to work. Putting together a good mentoring program sounds like simple management 101, but few companies have the discipline and skills to be able to step back and organize the type of workshop that Harris discusses. I've been in numerous similar situations and the efforts to take on this sort of activity without an impartial outside expert usually fail.

One more idea I would add to the proposed outline is to spend some time up front interviewing not only IT executives, but also non-IT business partners within the company to get a better view on how those outside the IT organization actually view it.

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Not Negative

by j.lupo In reply to One More Idea for IT Moti ...

Marc, not to be negative, but I would like to see your study and numbers that show IT people have choices and that IT hiring is up this year. I know it is not up in all areas. I have seen a climb in certain areas like Networking, but programming, Analysis, DBA, Sys Admin work is still down.

I am not disagreeing that a mentoring program or something like it is not necessary - it is necessary. However, what is really needed is the idea of collaboration and teamwork cross-functionally. When this is successful, the projects are usually successful (Jieng, Klien,, 2001, 2002).

I am currently working on a study of the influence collaboration between business and IT leaders at the general manager or Business unit level has on IT project outcomes. So, I am somewhat familiar with the current literature and research in this area.

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IT hiring is up only in the non-degree ranks

by DC_GUY In reply to Not Negative

The top end of the salary scale, the programmers making good money, is slinking offshore. The hands-on jobs that are more likely to require certification than a university degree, and are almost certain to pay less, are the ones that are staying.

The handwriting is on the wall for programming as an occupation in the developed nations.

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