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By Michael Jay ·
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Not really sure why I was picked for this honor but here it is:

"How does one get the cool curmudgeon person who you chose to be what represents your being! It is something I must get it so that I become the cool looking being to my adult kids.

I am here reading without IT education of any sort. It has helped greatly as I was ready-better stated, needed to order replacement for laptop used in sm. business and was lost.
Along the way, happily, I have the opportunity to pick up some fun things along the way (hopefully) which cuts the stress. Any US available suggestions will be greatly appreciated. My name in this site is based on the name of my shop which is heavily laden with art glass and pottery, vintage as well as new with great emphasis on great artistry of the human person to accomplish beautiful items. I have heavy leaning on American artists but always open to talented people from special niches throughout the world. If you are aware of any suggestions, I am open to more than your little person! Source please-may look basic to you but cool for me please. Thanks and your secret is safe with me in my "private" mode question."

Is he/she/it asking for my avatar? or the power to be me? inquiring minds want to know and my secret being safe? I was unaware that I had any secrets, being mostly an open book on these TR pages.
Or is he just asking for art for his shop?

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There is a part you should worry about

by IC-IT In reply to One of your fellow TechRe ...

I think he/she/it wants your little person. ;-)

"I am open to more than your little person!"

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Yes that was a little

by Michael Jay In reply to There is a part you shoul ...

strange, but I passed over it as referring to my avatar. LOL

You may have a point there.

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Why, isn't it obvious?

by Tig2 In reply to One of your fellow TechRe ...

You have unquestionably shown yourself to be open to discussions of this nature. This person obviously has seen your gentle humor as inviting and desirable.

Or maybe it is simply a case of mistaken identity. I suppose we will never know.

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Inviting and desirable, sweet. I will take that as a complement

by Michael Jay In reply to Why, isn't it obvious?

This person has been posting and perhaps they will see this and respond, or runaway and disappear forever.

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I think they want your avatar

by NickNielsen In reply to One of your fellow TechRe ...

Although "cool curmudgeon person" is not how I would describe your avatar. OerM's maybe, but not yours.

Or it could be a veiled invitation to a fun time in whereverinhell this person happens to be.

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If I have found the right person

by Michael Jay In reply to I think they want your av ...

and I had to go to google and search on the name, that would be New Jersey assuming that is honest.

Avatars are easy, just right click, properties and you will see the link. Only seems to work anymore on the leader board.

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I too

by Jessie In reply to One of your fellow TechRe ...

Would like to become the cool looking being to my adult kids. I don't think I want to know anything about your little person though...

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I think Nick has it right

by Michael Jay In reply to I too

they want my avatar that is what makes me so cool.

Avatar here:
But it would not be right to have the same silly Avatar as me so I will offer this one.

Edit to add and you are from the "show me state" :)

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Has it occurred to you

by CharlieSpencer In reply to One of your fellow TechRe ...

he intended to send this to santee? I suspect he's the only one who can understand it.

Edited to fix pytophagrical error.

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I would respond

by santeewelding In reply to Has it occurred to you

But the cryptic tense in your first sentence is beyond my power to comprehend.

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