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By charles ·
I manage a network of 20 PC's on a domain with a server running small business server 2003. We have an ADSL router which connects to a 3Com firewall which connects to the network. All PC's are on XP Pro and all PC's have internet access.

I have added a new PC to the domain and it successfully picks up its ip address from the DHCP server. It can see the rest of the network and connects to all mapped drives on the server and network printers. It can ping the firewall but NOT the adsl router or anything outside the network although if pinging a web address it will resolve the address to an ip address. I have checked every possible setting I can think of against other PC's on the network and there is nothing of relevence different that I can see. I have tried using various user accounts with and without admin rights.

Can anyone please give me an idea as to why this PC won't/can't access the internet?

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by dryflies In reply to One PC

It sounds to me as though the firewall may be the root of your problem. I say this because it seems you can ping everything inside the firewall but not outside. Check your FW settings.

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by RCOM In reply to One PC

If the firewall is the issue that would mean the device is doing the correct thing. You'd just need to add the settings for the new PC to allow it to access the internet. But if it was blocking the connection I'd wonder (be worried) why the ping can get through. If you've installed service pack 2 the XP firewall might allow the ping command but the rest might be blocked. You can disable that to test.

But in general if you can't get online but can can ping and resolve a web address there's a problem with the DNS settings.

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by JerryRBP In reply to One PC

I would also say it is a DNS problem. do an ipconfig /all and make sure the workstation is pointing to the correct DNS server. Sometime the IP auto-configure or someone entering a manual DNS server address overrides the address received from the DHCP server.

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by charles In reply to One PC

Thanks for all your help everyone. I discovered the problem was due to licenses on the firewall which uses DHCP on the server to determine how many PC's are connected. I deleted a bunch of non-existent VPN connections and reset the lease time to one day (was one month!) This solved the problem.

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