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    One Server can’t ping another Server


    by lordgrey ·

    I’ve got a network of around 80 server running Server 2003, connected using a procurve HP5412 switch. Recently I’ve had problems with two servers. Server A can ping any server except Server B, and Server B can ping anything except Server A. Every so often a ping request is received, but over 99% are lost.

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      by lordgrey ·

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      What about server C?

      by —tk— ·

      In reply to One Server can’t ping another Server

      Can server C always ping A and B? Or just sometimes…?

      I would also get a cup of coffee, and start searching through the event logs to find the errors & research them to find where the true issue is.

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        Forget the coffee —

        by oldbaritone ·

        In reply to What about server C?

        It’s Friday. Skip the coffee, go have a beer or two. Start on it again on Monday.


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      Additional info

      by lordgrey ·

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      Also, Server A and B can always ping Server C and Server C can always ping A and B – it’s just they can’t ping each other.

      p.s. Several beers consumed over weekend, but it’s still here today.

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        Check mask

        by fregeus ·

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        Check your network mask information on server A and B.

        Are all servers on same physical/logical network?
        Are their Default Gateway the same device?
        Can you give us more information about your topology?


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          Setup info

          by lordgrey ·

          In reply to Check mask

          The network mask is, gateway is, same on both machines.
          These machines are both plugged into the same HP switch, along with about 60 other servers.

          If I swap the network ports over that these machines are connected on to a spare, then all the machines happily talk to each other, but that doesn’t really solve the problem, as I’ve had this before on different machines.

          Having said that, We have some monitoring software and one of these servers is still showing a lot of lost ping responses over the last 24 hours, so something still isn’t right.

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      New SBS DHCP?

      by ·

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      Not sure what the status of this question is – but i found the thread when looking for help on my problem (my problem/solution below):

      Symptoms: Terminal server occasionally would not accept any new RDP connections, erroring that it could not communicate with domain/AD server. Could sometimes ping the machine, sometimes not. Machine could not ping domain/AD server and vice versa.

      Problem: Turned out to be a duplicate IP address. Took forever to find because my console display is finicky, and event logs didn’t show the error for some reason. When setting up the new SBS 2008 server as the DHCP server, I didn’t reserve the address ranges that i already had set statically on the network. So when i configured the Remote Access services to pull addresses from DHCP, they pulled the same address that i have my terminal server on (Server 2003). Then when someone VPNed in, sometimes they’d get that IP and my network went to crap.

      Fix: just correctly (i hope) configured the DHCP reserved areas, then set the routing and remote access services to get a specific range for dial-in VPN addresses (separate from other reserved areas and open DHCP addresses). Then restarted both services and refreshed the network connections (unplugged network cable for 10 seconds) on the terminal server. Poof. works great now.


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