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One Server... Mult. Websites

By kiroboy ·
Our web server is a Win2k machine. I'm a budding IT guy, so here's my question...

Can we host multiple websites with multiple domain names on this machine using just our one public IP address?

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Google Host Headers in IIS

by CG IT In reply to One Server... Mult. Websi ...

or look on Microsoft Technet and search Host headers in IIS.

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re: Google

by kiroboy In reply to Google Host Headers in II ...

Ah wonderful, that led me to the information I needed.

So if I wanted to add a site besides the default site we are currently using, I would just right click the server, new website, drop the code files in which were created in dreamweaver and add the host name into the advanced window of the properties of that new site?

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Pretty much that's it, yep

by CG IT In reply to re: Google

but you have to have a DNS service that points the domain name to your public IP address. IIS then looks at the header and directs the traffic to the appropriate web site.

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re: DNS

by kiroboy In reply to Pretty much that's it, ye ...

Ok, I think I may need instructions on the DNS part. What specific terms can I google that would help me with this?

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Sure can

by deity_chooch In reply to One Server... Mult. Websi ...

As a GNU/Linux administrator, I'd advise against it, but you can. You can either purchase and install Microsoft IIS or download and install a free web server program such as Apache. You can host multiple web sites on either, but I find it harder to secure and just generally use IIS.

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by kiroboy In reply to Sure can

Thanks Deity..why do you advise against it? Also, in your opinion if I wanted to build a solid and reliable web server, what would be the way to go? At my job we currently have our web server (IIS 5.0) running on our Win2k domain controller. Our website is written in coldfusion and uses ms sql.

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Comparisons and anecdotes

by deity_chooch In reply to re:

Besides my bias toward GNU/Linux systems for being an immensely powerful tool, Microsoft IIS isn't as lean a program (see link below for a comparison of system calls between Apache and IIS). Before I installed an incredibly minimalist distribution of GNU/Linux on my router, I had Windows 2000 Professional on it (probably the best Windows OS Microsoft has ever made), which had an issue with rebooting too frequently and for unknown reasons. After installing GNU/Linux, I've not had a single unwarranted reboot.

Aside from these comparisons, I also just personally feel GNU/Linux is easier to secure and use. I have to administer an IIS server--something I shudder at--and find it difficult to create secure (chroot-style) directories for users. Changing file/folder permissions on the server is always a pita as well, but note that these personal reasons could be due to my inexperience with IIS.

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re: Comparisons

by kiroboy In reply to Comparisons and anecdotes

Nice article, the images really make the point.

I am assuming that if I migrated our web server to a GNU/Linux box then all our web users would notice a great increase in site responsiveness?

It seems like something that would be worth everyone's time! I will search around the net and see if I can find any guides on what it will take to make the switch from a windows/iis to a linux/apache web server.

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