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    One user cannot logon to E2K


    by gombila ·

    Hello Folks!
    Total noob at E2K/SBS2K. So please be patient, clear and direct (A to Z) with me. I got the job because the person who initially setup the system is no longer available.
    This one user has been having problems accessing E2K for anything e-mail related. The current PC is brand new with WinXP Pro. I configured OE6 which failed to access E2K (no error message, just nothing happens).
    Initially had some problems joining the PC to the domain until I gave it static IP. The user has no problems accessing her stuff on SBS2K and doing everything else but e-mail.
    I tried setting up Outlook 2002 but this failed as well. At least O2K2 tells me that:
    ‘The server has rejected your login. Please verify that your username and password are correct’. Same ones used to log into domain.
    Expanding the details show:
    ‘Account: servername
    server: servername
    username: username
    Protocol: IMAP
    Port: 143
    SSL: 0
    Code: 800cccd1’.
    Refreshing her password in AD and E2K no help.
    Three other users out of eight use e-mailing and have no problems (Win98 + Win2KPro with OE5/6).
    Can someone please provide the correct settings I need to enter into OE6 or O2k2 so I can give her access to her mailing (all external mailing).
    I checked her mail folder which indicated 440+ messages. Can those messages be transfered into a new account, and everything reconfigured for that new account?
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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