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    One user Can’t make on my 3CX phone system?


    by zianda ·

    Hi All;

    Please help me,Am currently using the 3CX system for about +/- 50 users but there is only one user who cannot receive calls but she can make outgoinf calls,

    Your response will much appriciated

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      by zianda ·

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      Inbound related issues

      by logikanet ·

      In reply to One user Can’t make on my 3CX phone system?

      Inbound issues are normally caused by firewall/NAT restrictions on a specific local network, in this case, it’s possible this one user has a router which is preventing the incoming calls to reach his phone properly. You could ask him to configure his router to forward ports 5060 – 5200 UDP and 10000 – 20000 UDP to his Adapter/softphone/Ip-phone IP address. Even though some routers are compatible with SIP and will not block the standard SIP ports, most routers will block these ports by default unless you port-forward them to a specific location ( Your VoIP device ), you may also use DMZ so it opens all ports to a specific IP address (DO NOT enable this on a computer’s IP address unless you know exactly what you’re doing!).
      Other issues such as codec conflicts should not be discarded, note that codec G.729 is not enabled by default on most softphones/mobile applications, calls without this codec may exhibit issues to include: fail answering supervision, dead-air, one-way-audio, echo, etc.

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