one user can't receive e-mail

By cpowers15 ·
Hello all,

I have one user who cannot receive emails (internal/external) and everyone else is able to. The user can send e-mails, but receives none, and all of their e-mails are sitting in the SMTP queue on our Mail Server

I've tried disabling and enabling their account, backing up their Outlook files, deleting them, adding them back in with no luck. They still can't receive e-mails.

Any suggestions out there? (Using outlook 2007 and exchange server 2003)

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Have you recreated their Outlook account?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to one user can't receive e- ...

As in on their computer....

Delete the existing Exchange account....then recreate it.

You have to do it through the Control Panel (Mail icon)....Outlook can't be running.

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Inbound Mail Server is setup wrong

by Kenone In reply to one user can't receive e- ...

Most likely username or password But could even be server name or IP address

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If it were that

by NexS In reply to Inbound Mail Server is se ...

Then they wouldn't be able to send mail, either.

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How about

by NexS In reply to one user can't receive e- ...

Backing up their emails, then removing their mail account from Exchange, then recreating it from scratch. Then you can re-import their mail and test again?

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That's what I was getting at....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to How about

you have to do it from the control panel though.

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Not what i mean though

by NexS In reply to That's what I was getting ...

What you're talking about is simply re-creating the user profile's 'Mail Profile', whereas what I'm talking about is setting your phaser from stun, to kill, and aiming squarely for the exchange account.

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