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One Win 2003 server does not show up in MS Network of My Network Places

By mkhan ·
We have a combination of Domain servers and workgroup servers. One Windows 2003 server std edition does not show up either when it joins the domain or when a separate workgroup is created or joined to the existing workgroup. It has the first IP adress of our subnet. But it does not show up in the "My network places-MS Windows Network. We can see it in the Acctive Directory. It is creating havoc as we need to install a client of an application on our workstations from which we need to see the server.

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Network Properties / DNS

by Churdoo In reply to One Win 2003 server does ...

Have you checked the DNS servers settings on this server? It should be set to use your AD DNS servers.

This is the most obvious thing and would definitely cause the symptoms that you're describing.

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No computer in My network places ---solution

by hitlu77 In reply to Network Properties / DNS

this type of problem depends on computer browser service,Enabling remote access on a
DC can upset the browser service.Do the following

Just enabling and disabling computer browser service.

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Thanks the server now shows up but only the sceduled task folder

by mkhan In reply to One Win 2003 server does ...

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I did correct the DNS issue. However, now that I see the lost server in "My Network Places", I cannot see all the folders; only the "Scheduled tasks". I need to see the C drive and all the folders in it.

Thanks again.

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Is it shared?

by Churdoo In reply to Thanks the server now sho ...

By default, the C drive is not shared on a W2K3 server, actually it is, but as a HIDDEN share "C$" which will not show up in any network browse list. In order to browse the folder as a share, you need to add a new share to the C: drive of the server, named appropriately and without the trailing dollar-sign ($).

Security cautions -- make sure you really need to share the entire C-drive and/or apply appropriate NTFS permissions on the drive.

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Can't see the folders on a server in MY Network Places" after finding it.

by mkhan In reply to Is it shared?

Thank you, chardoo.
Yes, that did it. I created a new share drive "C" (without the "$") and now I can see all its folders.

_Maruf Khan

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Please Take Curdoo's Advice

by rkuhn In reply to Can't see the folders on ...

Don't share the entire C: drive. :)

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by deepsand In reply to One Win 2003 server does ...

I suggest that you try the "Questions" forum. The "Discussion" forum is for matters of general discussion, not specific problems in search of a solution.

Post problems such as this to the "Question" forum, rather than the "Discussion" forum. There are those who specifically seek out problems in need of a solution, and that's where they go to look for such.

Additionally there are the benefits that:

1) The "Questions" forum provides for your feedback, by way of your being able to mark "helpful" responses as such. This does not necessarily mean that a given response contained the complete solution to your problem, but only that it served to guide you toward it. This is intended to serve as an aid to those who may in the future have a problem similar to yours, so that they might have a ready source of reference available, thereby perhaps obviating the need for them to repeat questions previously asked and answered.

2) The revised TR makes it quite difficult to find both "Discussions" and "Questions" that have not had a fairly recent post, owing to some functions comingling them in the listings. By keeping each type in their respective forums, it is easier for all to find what they are looking for.

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