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One workstation disconnecting from server

By mike ·
I have a problem that is driving me and a nice lady who keeps losing data, crazy. I have a network with:
-3 wkstns on xp pro
-one server SBS2003/domain controler
-wireless router

one workstation has a probems since i built it that when she prints a word doc it freezes up, she ctrl+alt+del, end task, reopen, and then it prints fine. happens intermently throughout the day. now I just put in the wireless router and moved the qb company file to the server. She has both a wired nic and wireless nic . I come in today after her call that qb kicked her out cause connection was lost. When i come in the wkstn is using cached files working offline cause both nics lost connection. (Deep breath) I check the event viewer on server. Every four sec there is an error for window sharepoint services is unable to connect to SERVER\Sharepoint. No DNS errors in event viewer since i installed the router monday. The other wkstns are fine.

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by CG IT In reply to One workstation disconnec ...

is it a wireless router or access point?
if it is a router, where in the network is the wireless router placed?
is the SBS box 2 NICs or 1?
does the SBS box handle DHCP?
Sharepoint services is for the internal web site. if you are having trouble with it, re-run the SBS setup [not Windows 2003 server setup] and choose repair. If the repair doesn't work, re-run the setup and take Sharepoint along with MSDE SQL out [meaning not installed option] then rerun setup again.

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by CG IT In reply to

note: I said choose repair and I mean reinstall. the SBS setup will let you reinstall componets that are not operating right. Make sure any AV is disabled [having active AV can cause setup problems].

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by mike In reply to

Apreciate the help. Not sure how this answer rating works. I as

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by mike In reply to One workstation disconnec ...

It is a wirless router. I replaced the old one. Just cost saving. New wireless router was on sale, access points were not.

The setup is modem>router>switch>server/wkstns.

one nic on the SBSbox. DHCP is enabled on the router. The SBS box is static ip. DNS is setup on server with static ip, gateway pointed to router, DNS pointed to self(server). All wkstns DNS point to SBS box.

Update: Removed wkstn from domain via clients on server. Readded wksn, immediately went to cached files working offline. Nuts!

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by mike In reply to One workstation disconnec ...
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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to One workstation disconnec ...

First thing AV stands for Anti Virus meaning a Virus Protection product.

Now for the setup move the Server to the router and then drive the network off the server through the switch that you have. This will give you better control over what happens and disable the Wireless as it's unnecessary.

Setup the SBS Server to assign DHCP address and allow the software to do it's job properly, the workplace is no place for a WiFI connection with all the other Wireless devices that are currently used so it's better to ignore them if possible.

I had a Cordless Phone this week playing havoc with a Wireless connection at one business and I was only setting up his Home WiFi access point in the business place as it's way too expensive to go to his home to do the job and very time consuming he lives off the mainland on a island.

The way that the network should look is Modem - Router- Server-Switch then workstations the way that you currently have it setup is no better than a Peer to Peer LAN which isn't all that great particularly when there is a Server Application running that can give much better control over the way that things are done.

Once you have the LAN setup correctly perform deep scans for Spy Ware on everything then let them run with the system as it stands. You can setup Group Policies or an Active Directory if you want to as well as many other things that the Server Application offers.


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