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    One World Government:


    by derryck ·

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    We all have our own view of what freedom means. I stand for the Constitution. But we are living in dire times. These mouslem terrorests are out to cut all our “infidel” thoats while some of you think its going to go away. Well, it wont ! so, get with the program!We are headed for a “One World Government,” Look at England and all the cameras, pointing every where.We as a nation must stand firm.


    With regard to the above comments, here is my take on this issue.

    The United States Constitution is unique to the USA. Even though is alludes the concept of freedom & Liberty. These are all universal concepts that all of humankind is entitled to. Some call it our Divine right to be free from slavery, oppression from other humans, and the liberty to travel wherever we feel like.

    As for the One World Govern that you alluded to in your statement. This view is as old as Big Foot. And they are people who feel that the Big Brother or Big Satan, (referred to as The USA), is contemplating world governance now that they are the world’s only super power (militarily).

    Whatever valid invalid is in those speculations, the international community will not sit idly by and allow any one nation, or people, to totally dominate the entire global community, religiously, militarily, or economically.

    Om Shanti.

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