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By mdbrown ·
It looked like a 'must have' security program when I read my Tech Republic email this morning. After spending my ENTIRE DAY trying to make it work - I gave up and deleted it.

I send this opinion to Tech Republic because not only is Tall Emus's software deficient, their website doesn't provide much in the way of guidance.

Did you folks even try it?

Michael Brown

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Online Armor

installed it on XP Pro, ran through the wizard and allowed Antivirus etc. Asked for a restart which I did. I am not having any problems. You are not trying to run it on Vista I hope as it isn't supported.

Format: Software | Size: 10,149KB | Date: Feb 2008 | Version: | System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server | License: Free | Downloads: 2465

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by mdbrown In reply to Just

Thanks for the reply,

I'm running XP SP3. I closed everything except Nod32 AV and ZoneAlarm Pro (as instructed). Followed the instructions after install and rebooted. The computer hung after the desktop icons resolved. I waited for several minutes during which there was minimal hard drive activity. Did a reboot to 'last config that worked'. The boot succeeded but my browser(s) produced 'site not found' errors and the computer ran very slowly.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to No VISTA

could be XP SP3 I have had a few problems with it. It could also be ZoneAlarm Pro.

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Problem Solved

by mdbrown In reply to Online Armor

Mike at Online Armor explained that my problems occurred because I hadn't uninstalled my then current firewall.
I uninstalled it and tried again. The Armor install completed without problems.
When I emailed Mike and told him this, I emphasized that the installation instructions said to close all programs except antivirus and firewall. He replied that I was correct and agreed that they need to rewrite the installation instructions.
He gave me a full license key by way of an apology.

I'm happy now. It's SO nice to run into a human being behind a company these days!

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OnLine Armor Seems to be OK, except ......

by mdbrown In reply to Online Armor

Once I got rid of Vista and went back to XP, OnLine Armor seems to work okay. Today though; it thought that Mozilla Firefox was 'a bad thing'. It tried it's best to block every attempt I made to open Firefox.

What's with that?


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Are you making a permanent rule to allow?

by seanferd In reply to OnLine Armor Seems to be ...

The specific message would help. If it always lists the program as FF, you need to permanently allow FF when OA asks if it is ok that said program is trying to access the internet. If another program calls the browser, that would need to be allowed as well.

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