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    online backup


    by wendysimps ·

    hello, i’m a new one to this forum.
    and i have some kind of a problem. i have 30 computers and is there any way to make buckups
    over network? any advice appreciated

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      hi Wendy

      by espionage ·

      In reply to online backup

      u should be looking for online backup software, as it’s need over network, i think Acronis True Image 9.1 workstation is best solution for u

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        don’t specify problem

        by wendysimps ·

        In reply to hi Wendy

        thank you for your suggestion? but i don’t understand how does it work? and why do i need workstation? may be i don’t specify my problem.
        so i hve server, and 30 workstations and i need to backup some user files and settings over network.

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          Cann’t see difference

          by espionage ·

          In reply to don’t specify problem

          As much as i undertood u are looking for soft which could make backup of key files and folders on ur system for workstations, also one could make
          the complete disk imaging, system disk backup, and restore it as well. Aren’t u?

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          may be i don’t understand

          by wendysimps ·

          In reply to Cann’t see difference

          may be i don’t understand. The thing is that i want to sit in my chair in front of my computer(server), and by clicking on the mouse button make backup of my remote workstations. i guess that acronis true image workstation is some sort of agent, i’ve just visited their site and i think that i’ll need in addition have true image server? have any one used this sollution?

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      Give Veritas a look at

      by crashoverider ·

      In reply to online backup

      Sounds like you would like to look at Veritas Backup Exec. You can back up files from remote workstations to a central point. Also you might want to consider training users to save files to the server if they need to be backed up, if you have a disk failure on a workstation and the user has been saving information to the worksation all day that information will be lost if they were saving the data to a server with RAID 1 or 5 and the disk goes bad on the server the information is still accessable and you can replace the disk without impacting the users.

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