online degree from Westwood College

By tvanvalkenburg2 ·
is an online associate's degree in Computer Network Engineering from Westwood College worth the cost/time output to get an entry level job in IT in today's labor market?

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by shasca In reply to online degree from Westwo ...

A degree to an employer shows, that you ahev taken the time to learn, and that you truly are interested in the field of choice. It ain't no Harvard degree, but better that a GED...

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online IT training

by tvanvalkenburg2 In reply to yep

Thanks for taking the time to respond, Shasca. I've been using a laptop in my 18wheeler for 4yrs now, but I am tired of driving this truck after 15yrs. I'm 58yrs old. My son is/has been an IT pro for a decade-he just naturally "gets it". I appreciate your help before I "throw away" a lot of money.


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never too late

by shasca In reply to online IT training

I went back to school in my mid 40's to get the training I got in "computer nerdery". I was a self employed meat cutter. Go figure.

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Not even needed

by GeNJiMRuM In reply to online degree from Westwo ...

I do not believe you need to have an associate's degree of any kind to get an entry level job in IT in today's labor market. All you need is your proof of a little bit of knowledge (certification, preferably an entry level COMPTIA or Microsoft exam) or experience. Knowing people helps out a lot too. The down side to an entry level IT job is that it pays as much as an entry level grocery bagger at your local convenience store. I recommend getting your degree as it is vital to move up in most business organizations IT departments and it really does help out along the way. (Unless your really really good at IT related stuff, which you would probably already have the job if you were, no offense)If you are happy with making near minimum wage though don't bother with the degree, hope that helps.

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online IT training

by tvanvalkenburg2 In reply to Not even needed

lol No offense taken lol...thanks for your reply. I my son has been in the IT field for a decade and makes a good living at it. He "gets it" naturally. He has not degree. I, on the other hand, would like to learn what he knows in order to change careers. He gave me a laptop to use 4yrs ago to "learn how to use a computer" while in the trucking business which I want out of after 15yrs.I have learned a lot from all of you on this site; reading. Thanks very much for your advice and the time you took to reply.

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