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    Online Game Administrator.needs advice


    by andreakbar ·

    Hello fellowship of TechRepublic,

    I need advice…suggestion..or help.
    I am a Administrator of an Online Game Service in Indonesia, and i’m thinkin of a career change because well…i feel that i’m not making any career improvement here.Compare to my IT counterpart jobs such as System Analyst,DBA,System Administrators,Sys.Engineer…i dont see any prospect in my job, although my kind of work has some parts of every job desc. from IT counterpart(like Database,Server -maintainence,System upgrades, Application Implementation and Testing, etc).

    I need a new job or career change but dont know where to look or do(exactly_. Anyone(or Game Admin.)out there advise me what should i do? fyi,my education is Economics but my current job is Information Technology area.

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      Reply To: Online Game Administrator.needs advice

      by judy_summerr ·

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